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Comfort Food Can be Healthy for You

We all love comfort food. We all have a different idea about comfort food.

But have you thought that comfort food could also be healthy and be good for you??

Let me vulnerable here. I am usually a happy, energetic person. But this past week has not been an easy week for me, physically, mentally or emotionally. I am not telling you this to feel sorry for me by any means, on the contrary, it got me inspired to write this blog for you!

Yes, you! You the person that works hard to keep her family together, has a full-time job (whether is at home or outside the home) and tries to take care of herself too!

It is not so easy to exercise, meditate, eat well, take care of yourself and everyone else, and still be the happy, energetic person you would like to be.

And that is on a good day, what happens when it is not a good day for you and you still have to keep going??

Some of us like to cook and bake, some of us don’t.

If you like to cook and bake on a good day perhaps don’t like to do so on a bad or busy day. Perhaps on a bad or sad day you do like to bake all those yummy things that are not necessarily good for you. And for some of you whether it is a good, a bad or an ok day you just rather spend as little time as possible in the kitchen. Well, if you identify yourself with any of these scenarios, I have good news for you!!!

Comfort food can be delicious and healthy too. It does not have to be time consuming, or boring. You just need to be a little creative and be able to assemble food. That is all!

My dear friend Joann, gave me some delicious figs. I love figs!! I needed comfort food so bad but I didn’t want to eat dairy, refined sugar or white flour. I know that our body does not benefit from them, and as a matter of fact, they compromise our immune system.

I ended up making this delicious fig jam with only figs, and a bit of lemon juice. There was no added sugar, no need for it! They figs were very ripe. I had sprouted bread, I toasted it and ‘my comfort food’ was ready in less than 15 minutes.

If you pair it with some herbal tea, it surely will make you feel great!

If figs are not you jam, well choose whatever other fruit you may like! With fall coming, you can do ripe apples or pears. Simple, comforting, delicious and nutritious.

Quick No-Added Sugar Fig Jam

Makes 1½ cup

Preparation time 15minutes


10 ripe figs

Juice of ½ lemon or 2 drops of YL vitality lemon or orange essential oil if you don’t have lemon

1 Tbsp of purified water


Put together all ingredients in a qt. soup pot

Cook on medium heat for a few minutes

Mash figs

Cook for 5-10 minutes more until it thickens, jam consistency

I used my small manual food processor to puree it well, I wanted a smoother consistency.

Let it cool off

Serve on toasted sprouted bread or gluten free crackers or toast


This makes a small batch and will be good for up to a week, kept in the refrigerator.

Cooking can be that simple when you are willing to play with food and be creative with an open mind. Also, having the right tools for the right job it simplifies your cooking.

Remember your body is your temple and you only have one, take care of it. Food is fuel so let’s give our body the right fuel so we can have a life filled with health and energy.

If you don’t know where to start to make healthier changes in your life, I would be happy to chat with you. Email me so we can schedule a FREE 15 minute session to get you on the right path.

We all need to start some where, it is just a matter of taking the first step.

You deserve it!

What is your comfort food? Leave us a comment, maybe together we can find ways to make a healthier version of it!

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