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Celebrating the hundreds of people who 
transformed their kitchen experience making it simpler by having the right kitchen tools!

My mission is to make cooking easier for you by using the right kitchen tools to make simply delicious recipes.

Order your favorite kitchen tools here to help you make easy recipes every day.

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Gabriela's Top 3 favorite kitchen tools:

1. Deluxe Cooking Blender

2. Slow Cooker Set

3. Manual Food Processor

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Need some SPICE in your life?

We got you covered!


Deluxe Cooking Blender Testimonial - Marilu Reus

"I was so excited to try my new deluxe blender!!!
I’ve made two recipes from the book that came with the blender.
I made butternut squash soup and red pepper dip, the recipes come in the book.
I was on a roll and I was going to made hummus too but I didn’t quite have all the ingredients.
I just wanted to keep making more recipes.
What a great investment !  Super easy to clean with the wash mode. The best part is that I got it 50% off because I hosted a virtual class with little or no effort from my part
I invited some friends and Gabriela Moncada pretty much took care of everything else!!
So looking forward to keep trying  more recipes.
BTW the Horchata drink comes out great!  I am Mexican and I know how Horchata drink tastes and this recipe that comes in the book is so good!
Totally worth it!!"

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