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Personalized Energy-Boosting Coaching for Women Approaching Middle Age

Approaching middle age doesn't have to be a downward spiral. You can feel energized, healthy, and joyful—you can even live the life you've always wanted. The second half of your life is really just the beginning of a beautiful, new adventure. Book your free 20 minute session to get a personalized evaluation of the action steps you need to start feeling more energized as soon as this week. 

The personalized energy-boosting program is designed to help you:
  • Create more joy and happiness

  • Reinvent yourself to feel alive again

  • Feel less stressed and have more energy

  • Enjoy movement to have a more flexible body

  • Adopt a healthy, sustainable lifestyle—using utterly delicious foods

  • Reconnect with your inner child to feel reinvigorated

What makes this program so unique?

It's customized to your individual needs! Gabriela Flores Moncada creates her program based on your specific ailments, stressors, and current lifestyle to help you re-experience energy, confidence, and happinessdespite approaching menopause.


Gaby will provide you an easy and convenient coaching program catered to your lifestyle and needs. Your Personalized Energy-Boosting Program will utilize a powerful combination of healthy, yet delicious, food education recommendations, yoga sequences to include into your daily routine, meditation tips, aromatherapy solutions, and even virtual reiki. Your first session is completely free, book below!

Not quite ready to do a coaching program? No worries! Provided below are options that don't require any long term commitment yet will help you restore your energy until you're ready for coaching. 


Book a Virtual Reiki Session

Align and unblock your body's energy centers for increased vitality.


Shop Essential Oils

Reduce stress and gain emotional support with aromatherapy.

Join a Yoga Class

Align and unblock your body's energy centers for increased vitality.




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